“I am worried about my kids and my grandkids and their future in White Mesa. When I think about the mill, I just feel like I have to fight. I have to stand up for my family and our community in White Mesa.”

– Thelma Whiskers

“When the mill’s running, it smells like chemicals at my house. The trucks that come and go from the mill are dangerous, especially for my kids and other kids in White Mesa who ride the school bus by the mill. The mill was built on top of burial grounds and it contaminates the bones of our ancestors.”

–Yolanda Badback

“If a crisis happened at the mill, they would contact Blanding, not us. We’re five miles south of the mill and the wind usually blows south. They don’t care about us; all they care about is money. If there was a crisis, where would we go? My only place is White Mesa.”

–Ephraim Dutchie

White Mesa Allied Groups